Tuesday, 3 June 2014

5 Best K-Pop Songs Of Last Month May 2014 !

5 “Overdose” by EXO
Despite currently facing troubles surrounding a dispute between member Kris and the group's agency SM Entertainment, twelve-member boy band EXO are as popular as ever.
The group released their latest single “Overdose” ahead of their first solo concert and it instantly rose to the top of the charts, making another number one hit for EXO.

#4 “Last Romeo” by INFINITE
The seven-member K-Pop boy band INFINITE made a strong comeback in May with the release of their second Korean-language studio album Season 2 and the lead single “Last Romeo.”
The group has proven time and time again to be a stand out act in the Korean music industry and “Last Romeo” is just the latest example of their singing and dancing talents.

#3 “My Old Story” by IU
IU may be very young at only 21, but she is an extremely accomplished singer with a strong fan base and who has received critical acclaim around the world. Trying something new, IU released her new EP, A Flower Bookmark, a collection of beautifully sung cover songs. The lead track, “My Old Story,” was so popular among Korean fans that it earned the young star a perfect all-kill in the music charts.

#2 “Want U” by Junggigo (feat. Beenzino)
Junggigo proved yet again that his duets are unstoppable. We certainly wouldn't be surprised to see a long waiting list of artists lining up to work with the talented K-Pop singer.
Teaming up with rapper Beenzino for the second time in their careers, “Want U” is a fun and upbeat track that showcases the skills of both artists.

  #1 “The Lone Duckling” by g.o.d

The ever-popular first generation K-Pop boy band reunited in early May to kick off their 15-year anniversary celebrations. All of the original group members came together for the new project, g.o.d's first release since 2005.
“The Lone Duckling” is a pleasantly harmonized R&B ballad and marks a strong comeback for the iconic band.

Apapun saya still suka EXO .. huhuhu

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