Friday, 22 November 2013

MAMA Award 2013 Current Ranking As At 21 Nov

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013 Current Rankings So Far....

For the “Best New Male Artist”, it is currently Jung Joon-young with 32.4%. Second place is BTS who are currently at 26.3%.

“Best New Female Artist” is currently Lee Hi at 42%; Kim Ye-lim is at a far percentage by currently being at 25.6%. Though that can all change since voting is still open. So it is not yet safe to say that the winner goes to Lee Hi yet.

G-Dragon is leading the way on the category of “Best Male Artist” by being currently at 42.9%. Second place at a far percentage is Lee Seung-gi with 25.2%.

“Best Female Artist” is currently Ailee with 31.1% which might change as close by is Lee Hyo-ri at 28.3%!! Who will win?? So close for first and second on this category!

“Best Male Group” is really close as well by Shinhwa being 34.4%, Shinee at 25.4%, and EXO 24.8%. First and second place is only a 9% difference so the voting is really tight. This will be interesting to see who wins here.

“Best Female Group” is really close as well by Girls’ Generation being in first place at 36.1%. Though look who is really close by being at 33.5%, it is f(x)!! Talk about really close on this category.

“Best Dance Performance – Male Solo” is G-Dragon by being at 33%. Second place is his fellow Big Bang member Seungri by being at 27.4%. Whoever wins here, the Big Bang group will be happy either way.

“The Baddest Female” CL is currently at first place on the category of “Best Dance Performance – Female Solo” at being currently at 45.8%. Second place at a 14% difference is Lee Hyo-ri by being 31.1%. So this in a way is a close one as well.

Shinee with their song, “Dream Girl” is currently leading at 41.7% on the category of "Best Dance Group - Male Group" and EXO is at 29.9% by being second place. This in a way is true because their choreography is fantastic each time they perform on-stage.

Girls’ Generation’s song “I Got A Boy” is leading the way in the category of “Best Dance Performance – Female Group” by being at 47.7%; SISTAR is at 30.3% for their song “Give It To Me."
“Best Vocal Performance – Male” is going to K.Will for his song “Love Blossom” by being currently at 30.1%. Right behind him is Lee Seung-gi by being at 26.3%. This is interesting to see who will win here. Hopefully it will be K.Will.

Ailee for her song “U&I” is leading her on the category of “Best Vocal Performance – Female.” Second place is IU by being at 31.3%.

“Best Band Performance” looks like CNBLUE by being at 43%. Busker Busker is at 29.9% for their song, “First Love.”

“BAAAM” by Dynamic Duo is leading the way for the category of “Best Rap Performance.” Geeks does not look like they are “Washing Away” by being in second place at 25.2%.

For the category of “NISSAN JUKE Best Music Video,” G-Dragon is leading the way at 40.7% for his song “Coup D’ETAT." Right behind G-D is Busker Busker for their song “First Love” by being at 31.4%.

“Best Original Soundtrack” at a far margin is “Master’s Sun” by being at 46.1%. “IRIS 2 OST” is far behind at 18.3%. So, is it safe to say that the drama series “Master’s Sun” was a great drama by having a great OST album? I think so because it has a huge lead.

“Artist of the Year” is going to Shinhwa by being at 29.5%; EXO is at 17.2%.

Finally, for the “BC – UnionPay Song of the Year,” EXO is growling through by being at 29.6%. Though watch out, Shinee is close behind at 27.9% for their song “Dream Girl.”

So, just wait untuk KEPUTUSAN PENUH & MUKTAMAD NYA nanti Ya !

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